When Jesus Believes in Me

This is one of my favorite movies! Son of God. Have you seen it? Go watch it! You will feel closer to Jesus. I cry often when I watch Son of God (also Narnia— anytime Aslan comes into the scene, the tears flow).

At different times in my life different truths and pieces of this passage have stuck out to me. At times it has been the way Jesus gave his disciples instructions and promised to meet them later (He did!). Other times the power of Jesus on display in His control and command over the water has left me in awe and feeling safe in Him.

Today, however, I turned to this passage to be reminded of Jesus’ belief in me.

Jesus believed in Peter. Believed Peter could trust Him and walk on the water. That Peter could do what his master, his Rabbi, did. Peter then was able, in return, to believe in what Jesus said and to believe in himself. He took the steps.

Only two people in history have ever walked on water— the Son of Man, God Himself…. and Peter!

What are you facing or in the midst of that you need reminding of Jesus’ belief in you? Even when your spouse or friend doesn’t believe in you or doesn’t understand. I wonder what the other disciples in the boat were thinking as Peter stepped out?? Don’t do it! That doesn’t make sense!

Here’s the thing. Peter knew what Jesus told him. He knew what Jesus called him to do.

Jesus has given me a calling. And he believes in me!

Whatever your calling is— He believes in you, too!