Walk a Different Direction-- with Confidence!


I have shared before I often walk or run at several of our local forest preserves. I love them! They are beautiful and have become sacred ground to me. One Preserve in particular I have walked 178 miles at in 2017-2018 (thank you RunKeeper app). Until a couple weekends ago I have always, ALWAYS, gone counter-clockwise around the 2 mile loop. You walk down the entrance path and then you turn right and go.

I mean, doesn’t everybody!!??

Even though I am quite creative and tend to procrastinate, I also appreciate order, routine, and habit. (We are all a bit of a contradiction, right?)

Anyway, I was alone at this forest preserve a couple weeks ago doing solitude and decided to walk the loop clockwise!

I went the other direction. A new direction.

You know what? Everything was new! The trees, the lake, the horizon. All new and all beautiful. It captivated my eyes in a whole new way. It was a fresh perspective. I think God used it to give me a fresh perspective. The “uphill” parts of the path became easy and downhill. The parts that were always downhill before were now where I had to work a little harder— but also where the lake peaked out over the path. Just beautiful. God is good. And I am learning that God is kind.

I am in BSF again this year and we are starting in the book of Joshua. (Side note— if you are looking for an amazing Bible study check out BSF!!!!) Joshua and the Israelites are on the edge of the Promised Land. Moses, their faithful leader, has died.

The Lord calls Joshua to lead. It’s a new direction. A new perspective.

And you know what? Joshua doesn’t hesitate. Doesn’t question. Doesn’t second guess. He takes the authority the Lord has given him. He obeys and he acts! Joshua acts with confidence! And the Israelites follow suit. They follow suit with confidence!

There are areas of my life where I am confident of my calling. Confident in my leadership and the authority Christ has given me. As a Life Coach, as a teacher, as a foster mom— I am confident. I walk that direction. There are other areas of my life where I pray for the boldness and security Joshua had. As a friend and as a wife I am more uncertain that I would like to be. I pray for confidence to be who God says I am in those relationships. To show up as a well-loved child. To walk the direction He says to go.

I try to be vulnerable in those relationships and also walk in steps of faith and confidence each day. Joshua had this beautiful security, but before him was this man named Moses who said to God, “Who? Me?” And the Lord used them both.

We will follow your path God. We will not go to the left or to the right. Even if Your path is clockwise and we have always gone counter-clockwise!

Where are you confident right now?

Where are you uncertain?

Go for a walk “the other way” somewhere and ask God to show you His heart.

Your Coach,

Anne Marie