I returned to these waters and was reminded of God's Faithfulness.

We live in a lake community and we get to enjoy the benefits of lake living. Many evenings I see the sunset out of my kitchen window while doing dishes. Sometimes it is fiery and burning and I grab my camera and walk the three houses down to the beach area of the lake. I love to take pictures. This night, however, instead of just pretty pictures, God showed up. He showed up in the stillness, and in the orange-gold sun. He was so obvious. 

God is faithful. All His promises are "Yes and Amen" scripture tells us.

Last fall I was baptized in these waters. Tonight, at the lake, God reminded me of the promises He made to me. That He will never leave me. That He has chosen me and that He will not change His mind. What truth! What goodness!

Yes, we make promises to God, too. At baptism and at other times. We make promises to believe in Him, to trust Him, to raise our children in Him. And these are important promises! They are not to be taken lightly. But, I think it's important to see that God's acts first. God is faithful to God's promises!


What promises do you need to lean into today? In this season?


The story goes that Martin Luther used to say to himself every morning as he splashed water on his face, "Remember your baptism, Martin." Yes! I love this! Remember your baptism! Remember who and whose you are! Baptism is not a one and done thing! As a child of God I am learning to live it out and fulfill it a little more each day. I am so thankful for the physical, concrete water and lake to be reminded. Thank you, God!