My husband and I enjoy craft beer and brewery tours. We both like to learn about history. I love old buildings and I am from Milwaukee. He is a chemical engineer. So, for many reasons, brewery tours are a natural fit for us :)

A few weekends ago we went on the historical Pabst tour in Milwaukee. We learned about the story of the Best Family and the Pabst Family in the early 1900s. Their dedication, hard work, and courage led them to become the largest brewery in the United States for several decades!

We saw the huge copper kettles where the liquids are separated from the solids and the wort can be distilled down. This brewery is not currently operational so the kettles were sparkling clean and made for a gorgeous picture!

It makes me think about the process of distillation.

Dictionary.com defines distillation as, "The action of purifying liquid by a process of heating and cooling. The extraction of the essential meaning or most important aspect of something."

Distillation is a process.

What has God been distilling in you? What is essential in your life? In your week? In your day? What is excess? How do we know the difference?

Having a vision, purpose, and mission statement for our lives helps!

In coaching I help clients go through a process to develop these foundational statements. It is powerful and exciting!

I have welcomed God and a few key people to help me craft and get clear on my vision, purpose, and mission. It has been humbling, new, honoring, and inspiring to know how God has made and called me. I have made changes--some small and some pretty big-- to live more in line with these statements. To live more in line with these boundaries God has given to me in His perfect love. My days and weeks look different on my calendar. Some of my relationships look different. I will continue to let God distill and purify my goals and dreams that come out of my vision and mission. It's an honor to be in the process.

How about you? Do you have a mission statement for your life? How has God called and equipped you to show up in this life He has given?

Contact me if you want a helper to work through your process. We can celebrate with a bitter IPA when we are done! That's my favorite beer, what's yours? :)
Cheers! Your Coach,
Anne Marie