If you have been hanging around me the past couple months you know I have a newfound love of anchors. It is the screensaver for my laptop, my husband got me an anchor necklace for Valentine's Day, and I even have socks with anchors on them!

Apparently, I discovered anchors at the same time they became popular in fashion. I see nautical themes all over this spring-- kids clothes, women's clothes, coffee mugs, tote bags, home decorations.

While I do like boats and I love the water, my adoration with anchors is found here:

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.     ~ Hebrews 6:19

We have this hope. This hope is Jesus.

We are anchored to Him. We are fastened to Him.

A mentor and friend of mine "lent" me this verse last year when I most needed to hear it. When I most needed an anchor for my soul. I have learned and now experienced that from the depths of my very soul I am attached, I am fastened, I am anchored, to Jesus. Securely. Firmly. Forever. This brings confidence.

Often we look for our hope and certainty in this world. I know I have done this. We look for hope in a spouse or a friend, in a job or title, in our bank account, or in our children's behavior. These earthly hopes are far less than certain! We have been created so that our hope is in Him! And what a hope it is! 

Bible commentator Alexander Maclaren reminds us that this hope is not simply something we wish for in the future, in the dim unknown. This hope is certain. He says, 

"There is the anchorage. Nothing can touch that. If we cleave to Jesus Christ we have anchored ourselves in the fastnesses of the divine nature. We have struck the roots of our hopes deep into the very being of God; and all that is majestic, all that is omnipotent, all that is tender, all that is immutable in Him goes to confirm to my poor heart the astounding expectation that whatsoever Christ is I shall become, and that wheresoever Christ is there will also His servant be. Oh! how this rock- foundation on which we may build makes all the other foundations upon which men rest their ruinable hopes seem wretched and transitory."

How do we let ourselves be attached to this Anchor? We must first detach from our earthly hopes. This allows us to begin the work of letting our souls be attached to Jesus. And it is work! Maclaren says, "The habit of Christian hope needs diligent cultivation and strenuous effort." This effort is shifting our focus by developing spiritual disciplines: prayer, worship, Bible reading, solitude, fasting, quietness, service, soul friendship, and others. 

Friends, we are saved by Hope! Let us live in that reality!

What has been helpful or challenging as you think about your hope and your anchor? Which spiritual disciplines do you want to grow in? Which disciplines draw you closest to Jesus? Call me for some accountability in this process of being anchored to Him!