2018 is Coming!



Goals and Dreams. So much fun for some of us!!

I am squarely in the camp of loving goals and dreams. I have many short term and long term dreams for various areas of my life. I have a spot in my Life Management Binder for dreams for each decade of my life. Some are just fun, like learning to raise chickens. Many are very important and meaningful, like our dream to pass along faith in Jesus to our daughters. I regularly spend time translating my dreams into goals and those goals into plans and into calendar space. It's fun!

My husband and I were given the gift of going out to lunch today and we talked through some of our dreams and plans for 2018. Honestly, it's a much harder exercise for him, but even he appreciates the time and planning to lay out our hopes for 2018 before the Lord and with His blessing to start going in those directions! We talked about a couple possible short trips to take, what we pray for in 2018 with our foster daughter, dreams for my business, goals for his work, hopes about friendships that will grow in 2018, race times I want to improve on in running, and other fun things.


Do you like to plan and dream? God is a planner, an expert planner. And we are created in His image. So, we can plan, too! Of course our plans come under His Lordship and ultimately we trust in His timing and His numbering of our days.


What do you want to achieve in 2018?

Growing closer to family and friends? Serving more somewhere? More clients in your business? Finishing a race or other health goals? Paying off a debt? Traveling somewhere?

What character traits do you want to grow in next year?

Patience? Presence? Courage? Being a more loving spouse? Having more confidence in the Lord? Many of us chose a "Word for the Year" to reflect this goal. How about you? Ask God what your Word for 2018 is. He will challenge you and grow you-- and He will be beside you the entire time! I almost have my 2018 word. I'll let you know in January :) 

How do you want to grow closer to the Lord?

Letting Him really love you and be your Father? More prayer time? A solitude day or other spiritual discipline? Joining a Bible study? Starting a Bible study?


Dreams and Goals are proven to be met and achieved more often when we first write them down, and second when we tell them to someone else! As your coach I would love to be that person! I will encourage you in your goals and together we will be on the look out for obstacles and plan how to reach the goals and dreams God has given you! Having a Life Coach makes a difference! I know, I have one, too!


Here is a New Year's Package Option for Goals:

Two phone sessions in January for 45 minutes each to plan goals for 2018.

Follow up phone session in February and one more phone session in March.

Total of 4 sessions (45 minutes each) for $200. (Regular rate would be $300) This is an investment in you! God has already made His investment by giving you gifts and dreams! Now is your chance to use them! As always, if you are interested please contact me and we will figure out the cost. I want to work with you and help you live the life God is calling you to!

Happy 2018!

Your Coach, Anne Marie