Winter. Death. Beauty



Even though the sun has warmed us these last couple days, winter has come. I know this for sure because this week we cleaned out our garden and backyard. I found that even when dead the flowers are beautiful. We also cleaned up and put away our fire pit and chairs. Sad day.

I do find winter beautiful and I love snow and our three girls of course love sledding and playing in the snow. I love making soup or coffee and curling up by the fire inside with a book. There is something calm and peaceful about the dark and quiet of winter. But, I really miss enjoying our backyard and fire pit! As I have written about before, this fire pit is our burning bush. We truly know we are on Holy Ground in our backyard when we share in food and conversation there.

Sometimes it's just my me and my Bible, sometimes it's just my husband and I enjoying a drink and talking. Sometimes it's the five of us, or family friends we have invited over, or big parties with dozens and dozens of people. However many people-- God's presence is there.

This year as I was putting away the fire pit I was struck with a sadness. You see, I have these ideas that play out in my mind of certain conversations or certain people that will happen in our backyard. They represent deep hopes and dreams. I think they are Godly hopes and dreams, but it turns out God's timing is different than mine! :) He has really been growing me in patience this year and I think I still have a lot to learn.

Can you relate to that? Have you imagined a conversation in your head and hoped how it would go??



So, as I packed up the fire pit I realized a couple of those conversations did not happen this year. Maybe they will next season. Or the one after that. Or maybe not. I am learning to let go of these expectations and trust more and more in God's perfect timing. He is time.

This winter, I am letting these pieces die. Jesus will bring them, or something else, to new life in the "spring". It's what He does. It's who He is.

There is beauty in death. What is not dead cannot be resurrected.

God's glory and goodness will be on display in that resurrection. Read the story of Lazarus in John 11 for a beautiful display of this.


What needs to die in your life? What needs to die so that the very Creator of Life can bring it back in newness?

Use this winter season to be reminded of God's great timing and to let it die.

If you would like a helper in this season give me a call! We'll do it together!
Your Coach, Anne Marie