Table. Convivium.


As we approach Thanksgiving next week

I am thinking about tables.

What's your favorite type of table? My favorite is a big, rustic, farm table. The ones that are made of beautiful old wood and tell the story of all the meals eaten there in the nicks and scratches and discolorations. We have a small farm table in our kitchen and I love it! It bows a little in the center, has various spots of paint on it, and definite marks from a fork where a toddler stabbed it. It was given to us when I was pregnant with our first daughter and we will keep it forever!


Most of us will gather around a table for Thanksgiving with family and friends. We will sit a little longer than usual. We will share stories and be thankful. We will eat a little better, a little slower, and probably a little more than we need! How fun! We treasure time at the table.


Convivium is the Latin word for feast. The fullness of the word means "a banquet, feasting, drinking, gathering with good company". I first learned of convivium in Randy Frazee's book, Making Room for Life. He argues for families and communities to make the daily dinner meal a true feast in both food and relationships-- a convivium. He reminds us that this is how Jesus, the disciples, and the first church in Acts shared many a meal. It sounds wonderful, right? To slow down enough to really sit and enjoy the company and food God has given us! It's complicated though. Schedules and our culture just don't place a priority on this kind of practice. 

My challenge to you is to think of how you can bring the spirit of the best of Thanksgiving dinner to each week in you home. How can we slow down a little? Be more thankful? Really talk and listen to the good company around us? Make and enjoy real food? Sit at the actual table. Turn off our phones (I am terrible at this!) Maybe light some candles. What else comes to mind for you? How can we thank & feast?

Getting better in these practices is good for our bodies and our souls!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Your Coach, Anne Marie