What's in a name?


I think there's a lot in a name! What does your name mean? Is there a story behind why your parents chose your name? Do you have a nickname? Does it fit you?


One of our family assignments for our homeschool curriculum was to look up what each of our names mean and to make signs and display them. It was so fun and we learned a lot! My name means "full of grace" which I already knew. As a kid I got made fun of because I was not physically "full of grace" at all! I fell often and was clumsy. Now, as an adult, I know I am indeed full of grace from God and I love what my name means! I have nicknames, too. My family and some close friends call me "Anne Marie", my two brothers call me "Annie" (they had much meaner nicknames for me when we were kids!), and a couple friends call me "Soaps". I love nicknames. They carry a sense of closeness and story with them.

God gives those of us who belong to Him a name, too!

Child of God

Wow. What an important truth and an important name! A daughter, a son of the very Creator of the universe! And He gives us many other names, too. We are called Saint, Masterpiece, Beloved, Beautiful, Worthy, and more! All through and in Him!


I AM.png

God changes our name and our identity when we surrender to Him and live towards Him. Take time to look up some of these verses and reflect on their meaning.


What name do you need to lean into today? What truth is in your name? How can you ask the Holy Spirit to show you more of who you are in Him?


I would love to hear what your name means and how God has used your understanding of your name! Comment below!

Your Coach,
Anne Marie/Anne/Annie/Soaps
Any other nicknames you would add for me?? :)